A night of songs and bonfires to remember at AUD

The Student Government Association is here again to save AUD students and instructors from the monotonous routine of school work with a night out on E-lawn.

The bonfire event started at 6:00 p.m., with a team of African drummers playing exciting music such as Waka Waka by Shakira, to attract the crowd, and then the bonfire was lit minutes later. The drummers called the students for a dance around the bonfire.

“We wanted to kick off the semester with a nice relaxing atmosphere for the students, and we wanted to give them an event where they weren’t necessarily doing a lot in terms of activities but instead they were relaxing and having a chance to mingle around with other students” said Charles Kellen, the secretary of the Student Government Association.

Later, the SGA asked for volunteers to come up and sing during the event. The first person to come up was Dr. Amber Hendricks. “Don’t worry students I won’t be giving you a quiz today but instead I’ll be singing to you all,” said Dr. Hendricks. She sang in a calm and soothing voice and her performance encouraged other students to sing, including Grace Stretch, a finance student at AUD. 

Everyone also enjoyed the food choices that were offered. Specifically, students enjoyed desserts from S’mores that they can heat up at the bonfire. Salted Popcorn was also served by Dana Hachwa, the SGA Bookstore Manager. Traditional Lebanese Kaak restaurant Ka’akunada decided to provide their catering services to the event by offering hot chocolate and ka’akunada styled burgers to suit the chilly weather. 

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