A Psychic Reading in Dubai

I arrived in JLT’s Cluster T, looked up at the skyscraper “Fortune Tower” with a blue eye illustrated under it. I went up to the fourth floor and as I was walking towards office 409, I saw him waiting for me by the reception which was decorated with hundreds of gems and “healing crystals”. A British clairvoyant and fortune teller, greeted me and guided me to his light-filled office. 

He sat down, put his hands on mine for a second with his eyes closed, and the first thing he said to me was “has someone been playing games with you?” At first, I thought, well, everyone feels like that sometimes. I waited to hear something that wasn’t super generic. 

He kept on swirling and smacking on a candy in his mouth and he asked me if there was something wrong with my car. Funnily enough, right before I arrived to my reading, I was calling my insurance as my car is due for service and there was something wrong with one of the tires. “Yes,” I said while laughing, unsure if it was his gift or a coincidence that made this correct prediction. He warned me that soon, something while happen to my car’s headlights – I will be fully convinced of his “powers” if that does happen. 

Let me stop in my tracks a second – how can fortune-telling practices be legal in Dubai? How can someone like him charge about 400 Emirati Dirhams for 30 minutes of his time? Simply put, there are loop-holes. The psychic I went to wasn’t in a sketchy random house tucked away in a neighborhood, it was in the busy-JLT area in a plush office described as a “wellness center” – meaning his practice is government approved. Their marketing team does not imply that he will tell the future – but under his description it says he will give you “guidance in life” – which is not illegal. What’s illegal is claiming you can talk to the dead or tell people their future. Psychics in Dubai (that have a license to practice legally) get away with doing this because of vague wording and descriptions and not many practices have been successful in doing so, which creates a monopoly in the market, explaining why they’re so expensive…because they don’t have much competition. But, as soon as you step in to the office, the realm of “guidance” extends to predicting your future.

I like to keep an open mind, I’m not a skeptical person when it comes to spiritual things. I once had a reading done in Miami. At the time, I didn’t take it seriously, but in two years everything she had said actually came true. So – is everything that’s said in a reading a self-fulfilling prophecy or is there any truth behind fortune tellers? 

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