Art in the era of the young youth in Dubai.

Al Jalila Gallery exhibits young artists, aspiring and motivated to showcase their work to the world. 


Piano music in the background, bulb like juice glasses and the ever-welcoming smiles of artists, brought together a beautiful and simple exhibition titled ‘Qudwa’, defined as Role Model in english, which was held at the Al Jalila Culture Centre of Children from October 1st to October 3rd.


The showcase brings together the aspiring young artists of the region with an opportunity to present their work to professionals while aiding with opening up the doors of the art world to children are interested in this field as a profession.


Walking into the room, the dimmed lights shadows the overwhelming number of young students. In corner of the room were three large intriguing pieces done by, Khoula Hussien Hamad, a young aspiring artist born in Lebanon but raised in the United Arab Emirates.

Hamad showcases her work that she created during her final years at the American University in Sharjah, under her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Design.


“Identity is defined in my work, understanding that the lives we live in, we act like robots” she explains.


The work is based on six acrylic artworks that show the visual perception of living in a cosmopolitan lifestyle based on rules and regulations that limit one’s chance to find where they are from and what defines them as humans.


Khoula describes the stages of her work as critical, beginning with a photo and then coloring it on Photoshop which is moved to a large canvas with acrylics to align and define the elements of the piece. Then concluding with the last layer of oil paints which makes the piece look just like the photograph she began with.


Qudwa, as explained, aids in promoting the young talented artists “who are eager to share their knowledge and experience” with the many artists in the region. It also provides a chance to learn and understand the skills behind art and the journey that led these artists to their success today.


With the power of Art and this platform the UAE providing for young aspiring students, millennials are now more capable of producing work of high importance and value.

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