AUD Knights Crowned Champions For Third Year in a Row

The volleyball Knights at the American University in Dubai won the title of champions for the third year in a row in the Higher Education Sports Federation championship against the Leopards of the American University of Sharjah on Monday.

The Knights beat the Leopards in a best of 5 sets game at a score of 3-0, first set 25-9, second set 25-11 and the final set at 25-12. 

“I think we did really well as a team and I think everyone contributed in this win as we attacked AUS with really aggressive serves, proper defense and strong spikes,” said Bojana Mitrovic, the Captain of  the women’s volleyball team at AUD.

Yara Abir Tebbal, the captain of AUS’s women’s volleyball team, told the MBRSC Post that “we couldn’t [change the score] because you guys (AUD) are better.”

The Knights started off strong as Beatriz Flores was on the serve. She served five times in a row until the Leopards broke the streak with a strong spike on the line of the court, leaving the score at 5-1. 

The Leopards began to fight back in order to even-out the score, but the Knights did not give up so easily as Bojana Mitrovic, Beatriz Flores and Kalkidan Bekele kept scoring points for the Knights. The Knights had a 15 point lead when Minatella Sayed was on the serve; however, her serve hit the net, bringing an end to the first set and allowing AUD to win at 25-9.

In the second set, the Knights and Leopards took it to count for a fresh start as each team fought with all their might to win. As the set started the Knights had a five point lead with a score of 8-3. Yara El Zein served 9 times in a row before the Leopards’ Yara Abir Tebbal spiked the ball diagonally causing it to land in the corner, putting the score at 17-4. When the score was 24-11, the ball had just been passed over by the Leopards’ Katreena Halasa. As the Knights’ Beatriz Florez received the ball, Yara El Zein set it to Bojana Mitrovic who spiked the ball and ended the second set at 25-11.

The final set consisted of both teams fighting for the title, however, it ended with one clear victor at a score of 25-12.

AUD Team Members:

Bojana Mitrovic – Captain

Beatriz Flores

Yara El Zein

Kalkidan Bekele

Asal Alavi

Anna Josephina

Fajar Jawad

AUS team members:

Yara Abir Tebbal – Captain

Lena Shatilla 7 

Rawan Mohab 12 

Yasmine Abdelfatah  3

Katreena halasa 4 

Casey page 8 

Mina Amary 10 

Minatella Sayed 16

Mayar Ibrahim

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