AUD Knights Swish Their Way to Victory Against AUS Leopards

The basketball Knights at the American University in Dubai swished their way to victory against the Leopards of the American University of Sharjah in the Higher Education Sports Federation game on Tuesday. 

The Knights defeated the Leopards 90-45.

“Our coach pushed us to play more aggressively and we ended up blowing it out by 45 points, ” said Mansour Mbengue, the captain of the men’s AUD basketball team.

Ammar Alami, the captain of AUS’s men’s basketball team, told the MBRSC Post that “AUD is on another level against AUS.” “We did our best but we lost unfortunately.”

The Knights started off strong as they scored multiple layups, free throws, dunks and three pointers. In the first quarter of the game AUD’s number 23 Mohammed Breiki scored the first two points of the game through a layup. AUS would not easily give up the fight but was lagging behind at the end of the first quarter (33-13).

AUD’s Number 17 Abdulla Abdulla taking a three point shot, March 5, 2019. Photo by Mayar Ibrahim

In the second quarter, AUD scored two three pointers, one by Eyad Fawaz and the other by Batanai Barbee who made it in the last 25 seconds. AUS replied with a layup in the last five seconds from their number 17 Rushdi Jaroush to put the score at 47-24 at the end of the quarter.

In the third quarter , AUD’s number 7 Mahmoud Tarrab scored the first three pointer (60-26) and the captain Mansour Mbengue dunked the ball (66-28). However, AUS’s number 8 Ibrahim Alami scored their three pointer (66-31). With one second left in the third quarter AUS’s Ibrahim Alami scored a layup placing the score at 73-35.

The final quarter consisted of both sides fighting non stop to score points, but it was too late for AUS. The game ended with a decisive victory from AUD (90-45).

AUD Team Members:

Mansour Mbengue – Captain #6

Ammar Farouj – #3

Omar Weiss – #4

Mahmoud Tarrab – #7

Elie Haykal – #9

Walid Farah – #10

Batanai Barbee – #13

Ahhmad Breiki – #15

Abdulla Abdulla – #17

Eyad Shaar – #22

Mohammad Breiki – #23

AUS Team Members:

Ammar Alami – Captain #5

Naser Al Khayali – #12

Ibrahim Alami – #8

Zain Ahmad – #14

Mohammad Al Hosain – #18

Khaled Abdel Raof – #19

Bishir Mahfouz – #9

Rushdi Jaroush – #17

Mayar Ibrahim

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