AUD Open Mic: Opening your Voice to Love

Poetry and expression collided through an Open Mic event this month which gathered all poets from the American University in Dubai to express their sheer desire and love through rhymes and verses.

The Open Mic event was organized by Dr. Roula Maria Dib in the screening room with more than 20 students and professors who shared their love poetry for Valentine’s Day. The idea of this event is to encourage students and professors to express their inner emotions and feelings about touching moments in life.

Dr. Amber Hendricks singing her poetry during the Open Mic, AUD, February 2019 Photo: Sara Hendawi

Dr. Amber Hendricks was one of the participants that presented their poetry by singing it instead of reading it aloud in front of students. “I wanted to sing this song because it combined a lot of different things that I love. The content in this song matters the most to me and the idea empowers love and gathers us together,” said Dr. Hendricks.

Another participant, MBRSC student Deema Zaher, expressed her feelings about love and affection through a simple piece of poetry.

Screams of agony and torture,/ soars and strikes one’s chest. / Grunt, clash and then drop. / The soul penetrates the chest of the helpless./ Another life is lost on the battlefield./ Who may care? Other than him? /It is mother nature.

“I’m feeling nervous and my hands are still shaking, ” said Deema Zaher after her performance. “I was surprised at myself that I wrote a poem about love. As a person who has never approached a topic like this before, it was a huge challenge. My poem may have not had a sense of romance, but it shed light on the type of love I believe in. I am very thankful that this event has given me the opportunity to express my feelings in a judge–free environment.”

The Open Mic was created a year ago and is organized twice every semester by The Creative Writing Center to encourage students to express their thoughts through creative writing and public speaking. 

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