AUD Provided Medical Consultations for World Health Day

Medical consultations, and checkups for students and faculty in AUD were provided by professionals for World Health Day last Monday.

The event, organized by Peer Health Educators (PHE), included professionals from hospitals, skincare clinics, and other medical institutions, in which they provided free services as an initiative for World Health Day. Some of these services included checking blood pressure and sugar, and vitamin checkups.

“As a student, this event was greatly beneficial to me because it took away the hassle of having to go to a hospital and spending a lot of money in consultations, checkups and healthcare products,” said Lulwa Al Fawal, a student in journalism at AUD. “The professionals here were extremely helpful and friendly as they were able to immediately identify the mistakes that were in my diet and my health.”

Marwa Monajid, a Doctor Consultant at the American Hospital Clinic, said she felt “privileged to be providing help and services specifically to students to encourage them and provide awareness about regulating their health checkups every few months.” “The message that I’m trying to portray here is that your health is extremely precious, and therefore, we should all cherish it and give it the best treatment possible.”

Dieticians gave advice on the food we should consume, and even suggested healthy food options for students who opt for food delivery. In addition, each student who had a consultation received a book with information about the BMI (Body Mass Index), and food consumption threshold depending on gender and weight.

“Many people have a wrong understanding about what diets are,” said Nadine Andari, Senior Clinical Dietician at Novomed. “Having a diet does not mean cutting down on food, but instead, it is about consuming the food you love in a sensible, and regulated manner. Your diet also depends on your lifestyle and your daily routine.”

AUD’s World Health Day is an event organized annually by the PHE to raise awareness about the importance of health to students and faculty by providing complimentary checkups and advice.

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