AUD Rotunda Showcases 3D Art

In the first event of its kind at the AUD Rotunda Gallery, artist Ana Tolvai and AUD visual arts professor Dr. Toma Gabor explore 3D art using contrasting mediums of expression in their exhibition titled “Light & Heavy- Cut & Fold- Carve & Cast.”

The married couple’s visual art exhibition explores contradictory modes of art- “weightlessness” and “heaviness” through Tolvai’s origamic architecture using cuts and fold in paper, and Dr. Gabor’s 3D steel sculptures.

Tolvai won first prize for her Jazz Festival poster in Bucharest in 1992, and has been exploring the use of mathematics in art, which was showcased in the AUD exhibition through precisely measured geometric shapes cut into paper.

Tolvai’s paper pieces were not all made at once, as it is quite time-consuming due to the fragile nature of the paper. “I like experimenting with different materials. These works are made with a one-year difference. There is no work in between, just experiments — a lot of experiments,” Tolvai told the MBRSC Post.

Dr. Gabor was recently awarded “Outstanding Art Therapist” by HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein for his work in the field of visual art and sculpture in the U.A.E.

He is also known for experimenting with alternative materials such as steel welding and marble carving. For this exhibition, Dr. Gabor said he wanted to turn no-longer functional materials into aesthetic art pieces. He compared his “re-purposing” to villagers who once re-used destroyed bricks/pieces to re-decorate.

Hendrick Wahl, a visitor and media graphics professor at AUD, was particularly fond of Tolvai’s artwork. When asked about his favorite piece, he told the MBRSC Post that he prefers the smaller pieces to the larger ones as they have “more energy.” “I love the precision, and the mathematical thinking that evolves into a piece.”

The artwork will be exhibited in AUD’s Rotuna Gallery from March 17-24.

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