AUD’s Volleyball Knights Spiked Their Way to First Place

The Women’s Volleyball Team at the American University in Dubai spiked their way to first place in the final game against United Arab Emirates University in the Abu Dhabi Inter-University Sports League last week. 

In the best of three set match the AUD girls managed to win the sets required under the leadership of their captain Bojana Mitrovic.

In the first set both teams fought to keep their side in the lead until the score reached (23-23).

UAEU had the ball as their number 9 Nawal Alhmoudi served the ball over to AUD’s side of the court; Mitrovic received, Yara El Zein set and Mitrovic spiked the ball straight down into the center of the court giving AUD the match point (24-23). Finally, Mitrovic spiked the ball into the court of UAEU, thus giving AUD the win of the first set at (25-23).

The second set started off with a serve from UAEU as their number 7 Salama Mubarak hit it over the net. Beatriz Flores received the serve and El Zein set it over to Mitrovic, who spiked it into UAEU’s court giving AUD the first point of the second set (0-1). Yara El Zein served five times continuously which gave AUD a 6-point lead (0-6). The second set was over before it started as AUD’s Bojana spiked the ball for the last point ending the game at (4-25).

“I think the final went pretty well, we lost our focus in the first set but in the second we got it back and won it AUD style,” Bojana Mitrovic AUD’s captain and acting coach said to the MBRSC Post.

“This was a very nice game, we enjoyed the game very much,” UAEU’s coach Ma.Lourdes Palomo said to the MBRSC Post. “The game at first was very tight and I was very proud of our team.”

The AUD Volleyball team in action, Februrary 27, 2019.

AUD Women’s team members:
Bojana Mitrovic – Captain
Beatriz Flores
Yara El Zein
Kalkidan Bekele
Asal Alavi
Rewa Iskandarani
Reema Saadi

UAEU Women’s team members:
Ma.Lourdes Palomo – Coach
Salama Mubarak – Captain
Fatima Abdulla AlHosani
Moon Al Bedwawi
Nawal Alhmoudi
Banna Salem Alderei
Noura Humaid Ali – Libero
Iriho Brice Cendras
Ghita Smouni
Sumaya Alhmoudi
Shaikha Saeed Khalifa

Mayar Ibrahim

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