AUD’s Volleyball Knights Win a Friendly Match

The Women’s Volleyball team at the American University in Dubai spiked their way to victory after winning a friendly game against their former team AUD’s Alumni in the university’s arena last week.

The AUD Knights and Alumni team play about three friendly games every semester.

In the three set match, the AUD girls managed to win two sets under the leadership of their captain, Bojana Mitrovic.

Photo by Safaa Aly
Photo by Safaa Aly

In the first set, the Alumni team started out strong as they had a three-point   lead (3-0); however, the Knights took control of the game as their setter Yara El Zein served nine times in a row giving them an eight-point lead (3-11). The Alumni team started to close the gap (12-17), but the Knights were still leading (14-22). With three points left in the game the Knights’ outside hitter, Kalkidan Bekele, took the serve and Bojana Mitrovic scored another point giving the Knights team an eight-point lead once again (14-22). When it became match point, the ball was in the Alumni’s court. Nadin Afify served, Bojana Mitrovic received, Yara El Zein set and Bojana Mitrovic spiked the winning point for the first set (18-25). The AUD Knights’ winning streak continued onto the second set as they won 25-21.

In the third set, the Alumni and Knights team were neck on neck. It was a constant battle between the two teams to take the momentum. It was the Knights who finally took a two-point advantage in the set (5-7). But not for long. The score went back to a tie (14-14) and despite the Knight’s best efforts the Alumni won the third set 25-21.

After the game the captains of both teams had comments about how the game went.

“The game went really well, it was a bit competitive which is good,” said Noha Massoud, the Alumni’s captain. “We were learning about each other and how to defend and attack each other’s balls and techniques.”

“We played well as a team, all of us contributed and we did the best that we could,” Bojana Mitrovic said. “However, in the third set we lost our focus a little bit and the game didn’t look so pleasant.”

Here is the list of players from the AUD Knights’ team:

Bojana Mitrovic – Captain

Yara El Zein

Kalkidan Bekele

Falak Al Refai

Fajar Jawad

Beatriz Flores

Rewa Iskandarani

Asal Alavi


Here is the list of players from the AUD Alumni’s team:

Noha Massoud – Captain

Salma Rihawi

Maitha Kamali

Yomna Aref

Nadine Afify

Nadwa Alsawan (AUS alumni)

Sumayya Taha (AUS alumni)

Noor Amhaz

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