Capture Skills at the GPP Photo Week

Photography lovers got the opportunity to participate in the longest photography event in the region, the GPP (Gulf Photo Plus) Photo Week. The event was filled with workshops, exhibitions, photo walks and many more activities for a photographer’s leisure. Creating a network of local, international, beginner, and professional photographers, the event took place from the 7th of February to the 12th of February. GPP Photo Week gave photographers from all around the world to get inspired and learn from each other’s galleries, creating a base to challenge each other later on.

This annual event, as usual, took place at Alserkal Avenue. It’s known to be a hub of creativity, where well known companies, such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, and Fujifilm are located.

“What’s special about the GPP is that those companies give you the opportunity to borrow their newest product and use it around AlSerkal,” said Khalyskhan Islamova, an AUD student and participant at the GPP Photo Week.

The idea behind this initiative is that photographers can borrow any product for the day and take pictures at Alserkal. Once they post their pictures on social media, they get the chance to win a free product that is promoted by the company.

Even if you couldn’t make it to the event, the GPP organisation exists all year round with private classes designed to cater different skills and abilities where you get to be placed with private instructor, teamed up with a group of friends, or attend regular workshops. If you truly love photography, you should visit the GPP whenever you are free.

Visit the GPP website to know more details. Good luck!



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