D3 takes on Van Gogh Alive: An exhibition to remember

Dubai Design District, D3, Brought the famous works of Artist Vincent Van Gogh to life last month which gave the viewers an experience of a lifetime as they walked into the Starry Night. Art was displayed all over the exhibition, including the walls, ceilings, and floors using 40 high definition projectors, allowing the visitors to fully immerse themselves into his craft while listening to classical music. The exhibition started on the 11th of March and ran until the 23rd of April.


“As a Van Gogh lover and classical music enthusiast, I really enjoyed the exhibition and I would love to see art portrayed in that way again. My favorite part was the room where Van Gogh created Starry Night because it allowed me to see what the artist saw when he painted.” said Diana Puzik.


“I did not expect to like the show that much because I thought it would be better to appreciate the art on its own without anything else. But when I came, I enjoyed looking at it from a different way. I enjoyed it from the perspective of our era, as we have include technology in everything” said Dimas, a visitor.


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Van Gogh created more than 2000 masterpieces, which included The Starry Night. This work of art that currently resides in New York was the highlight of the exhibition. The public filled the room, laid on bean-bags, and looked up to see The Starry Night to experience a harmonic orchestra of artistry comprised of light, color, and sound. Another highlight was a replica of the artist’s actual room, in which he painted most of his work.


Dubai was the first city in the Middle East, and the 3rd in the world, that had the pleasure of hosting Van Gogh Alive, after being exhibited in Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, offering replicas of the painter’s art. Vincent Willem Van Gogh, the Dutch artist’s grand-relative, hosted the exhibition. Working with Fujifilm, the Van Gogh museum produced a 3D scan of the painting to depict the thick brushstrokes and layers of each piece. Nine painting have been replicated and sold for 120,000 DHS.


Celebrating Van Gogh’s 125th anniversary since his death, the exhibition provided a new sensory experience that truly memorialized his life. This event did not only appeal to art lovers and Van Gogh fans, it was also an exciting and new prospect that included even children because of its playful allure. Uncovering a new way to interpret art, Van Gogh Alive was an experience to remember.


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Photo credits: Doa’a El Khouly


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