AUD Model Congress? Maybe, one day.

Dubai- Members of the AUD Model United Nations team aim to hold their own MUN event. In the meantime, AUDMUN hosted Harvard Model Congress Dubai last weekend and learned a few more tips from the 27 years of Harvard’s experience participating in and hosting the simulated UN conventions.

Over 300 delegates from 26 different schools were at AUD last weekend for the conference. Dr. Lance E. De Masi, President of AUD, and Michael H. Corbin, the Ambassador of the United States to the UAE, were present and spoke to participating students (mostly high school age). Since the event was directed mainly to high school students, not many members of the AUD community were involved.

The success of HMCD was the result of AUDMUN’s hard work for several months, along with the members’ effort hand in hand. It was organized by the Harvard team, but was hosted at AUD due to its facilities, expertise, and connections. Philip Apaza, President and Secretary-General of AUDMUN, said the meeting of Harvard and AUD students achieved the purpose of MUN events.

According to Mrs. Peggy Awad, Director of External Relations Office and Advisor of AUDMUN, “The feedback from delegate students and their faculty was appreciative. They admired our hospitality and were content with the event as a whole.”

“Students are allowed to gain more knowledge about the entity itself,” Philip said, of the MUN simulation of United Nations protocol, “like how it debates, how it functions, what their procedures are, and to have a better understanding of the many issues facing the world.”

The HMC was launched in 1986 and has been successful in Boston, Asia, and Europe. Philip confirmed that the HMC hoped to introduce that conference style to Dubai and looked for a good host partner that would fulfill the space requirements and be cost effective.

“By hosting such a great event, we can attract such great debaters who are interested in world affairs,” he said, “which would therefore bring enthusiasm to AUD and raise the level of what the university is capable of.”

Other sectors of the AUD community also put a lot of effort in creating a welcoming environment for the delegates. Food and drinks were served in the evening to make the event, not only informative, but entertaining too. Philip listed the AUD Foodies, Indian Cultural Club, Persian Cultural Club, African Cultural Club, Azerbaijan Cultural Club, Afghanistan Cultural Club, and the Admissions, as contributors to the event. AUD students involved in the event said they gained a lot of experience through it.

“Basically, it was my first time to interact with them. But I’m proud to say that our team was dedicated and hardworking and ensured all the tasks were achieved to make it a success,” said Deniz Gasimli, Senior Vice President of AUDMUN.

Philip echoed Mrs. Awad about the delegates’ high level of satisfaction. He highlighted that they have already started discussions with the MUN for next year.

Furthermore, said Deniz, “HMC is for high school students, our Model Congress would be for AUD students. HMC had only UN Security Council,” he added, “Our goal is to simulate more committees from the United Nations, such as DISEC, UN Environmental Program, and more UN related committees like International, Economic, and Financial committees.”

He added, “HMC has been great throughout its 27 years, but ours would be different.”



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