Forget coke and candy, AUD vending machines

Vending machines at the American University in Dubai can get you a diamond necklace or the latest technology in laptops.

Some AUD students have the reputation of coming from rather wealthy families and the parking lot there has some of the world’s most expensive cars. So it was probably not a big surprise when vending machines were installed to sell Swarovski jewellery — and that is probably not the case in other universities in the U.A.E. 

The vending machines change products every semester, and are now offering electronics. 

“We offered this machine to the American university in Dubai last December and we sold a few products,” Wadih Karam, the manager of Gatepulse, which operates the machines, told the MBRSC post. “We change the brand every semester but starting from next semester we are going to change it every month, this helps the students buy new products at a lower price.”

Sara Roushdy, an interior design student, said “my laptop stopped working and I needed a new one. So, I directly went and purchased a brand new laptop at a lower price. This machine is very helpful and efficient to the people who live on camps and don’t have time to go to the mall.”

Joyce Hussein Mansour

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