How Important is Sleep?

If you are struggling  tiredness and dizziness, you’re probably lacking sleep. Sleep is not only resting, but it also refreshes the body allowing it to produce energy. People usually do not value the importance of sleep, and they are not aware of what it could cause for the long term, but fortunately, our body alerts us when it is in need of rest by simply making us feel tired. Sleep is essential for a person’s health and wellbeing.

Amongst common sign, lack of sleep results in:


–               Irritability

–               Moodiness

–               Disinhibition

Moreover, evading taking these first signs into account, the person may later on experience apathy, slowed speech, flattened emotion responses, impaired memory and inability to multitask. In serious cases, lack of sleep cause “hypnagogic hallucinations.” Elinor Katina Cervantes, AUD nurse, elaborated, “not only hallucination, he/she may experience anemia, because oxygen is not normally imbed into the body.”

Most people start by not getting enough sleep daily affecting the following physiological systems:

–               Brain and Nervous system

–               Cardiovascular system

–               Metabolic functions

–               Immune system


They all affect one another since they are connected. Generally, night shift workers, physicians, parents, and teenagers, are most likely to face sleeping issues, so giving them that opportunity is important in order to maintain body health.

Finally, the amount of sleep needed varies in age, but adults can feel refreshed after 8 hours of sleep, while some adults need a maximum of 10 hours to function. Teenagers sleep from 8 up to 10 hours just like Farida Mohamed, a teenager aged 17 years, says, “I sleep up to 10 hours every night, I feel energized!” In addition, adults of ages (18-64) need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. One has to make sure he/she slept the required amount everyday in order to keep up with his/her health.


Photo credit: Illustration by Yasmin Abdelfattah Mohamed – Vector by vecteezy


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