How to Survive the Flu Season

It’s the U.A.E. and the weather keeps shifting from hot and windy, to cold and chilly, which causes our bodies to get tired trying to adapt to the weather. One of the main results of this weather shift is the flu, which means you need to stay healthy at all times. Below are some tips to help you avoid the flu:


1.     Wash off the germs!


You may not realize it, but germs are everywhere. In your daily tasks, you touch desks, door knobs, and books, and they all contain germs that may give you the flu. Therefore, washing your hands regularly is the best way to prevent getting sick.


2.     Drink plenty of fluids


Drinking plenty of water is important for your health. And if you are sick it’s also imperative to stay hydrated. Hence, drinking water and other liquids like soup and tea is good for your well-being.


3.     Don’t underestimate the temperature


It’s simple. When it’s cold you should wear a jacket, or carry one at all times to prevent any unpredicted weather changes. And since we are in the Gulf region, our homes and offices are air-conditioned, so you may need that jacket year-round!


4.     Get some exercise


Start planning! Try to exercise every morning and make that a daily goal that you strive to accomplish. A 30-minute walk could make a difference much more than you think. Exercising boosts your immune system.


5.     Get enough sleep


With endless assignments and exams, all-nighters are expected. However, you need to make sure to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep is risky because it weakens your immune system, and you’ll have a higher chance of catching the flu.


Photo credit: Yasmine Abdelfattah Mohamed

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