Johnny English Strikes Again: Hit or Miss? Film Review

This weekend I took a trip down memory lane with Rowan Atkinson, most commonly known as Mr. Bean, and it was definitely worth the laughter.


After the franchise’s seven-year break, Johnny English Strikes Again is about a former MI6 agent, who is brought back by Britain’s Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) to solve an ongoing national catastrophe.


The movie follows a conventional storyline that’s inspired by typical spy movies such as James Bond. Although the twists and turns are a bit predictable, it does take the viewer by surprise about how a 63-year-old still has a magical presence on screen.


The subtle anti-technology theme that Johnny English portrayed is refreshing and it played well with English’s character as a retired MI6 agent.


To add to that point, a standout scene in the movie was when Johnny English attempts to use newly developed Virtual Reality tools. It perfectly represents how the older generations feel about trending tech. Is it really that complicated?


Exploding jelly beans, choker watches, and destructive cotton buds are just a few of the cool gadgets you’ll see Atkinson use comically during the movie.


You’re also up for the perfect Batman and Robin chemistry that was felt between English and his sidekick Bough (Ben Miller) as they fight a crucial crisis, which will (of course) save the country.


Moreover, the movie wasn’t high on traditional knock-knock jokes. It relied more on the comedy that Mr. Bean is actually known for – silliness. His utter foolishness and tech-challenged traits give the perfect balance between James Bond and Inspector Jacques Clouseau. But if you’re not a fan of Mr. Bean or subtle comedy, this movie might not be for you.


While the plot lost its way and went through a few speed bumps, I found Johnny English to be a fun movie to watch with your parents, grandparents, or siblings, and the perfect break to take after a stressful day.


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