La Mer: Dubai’s Open Air Museum

La Mer is one of the many project developments of Meraas, a Dubai-based holding company, that combines shopping, dining and leisure. La Mer is ideally situated by Jumeirah Beach in Dubai’s Jumeirah 1 neighborhood, within close proximity to Downtown Dubai and other urban attractions. What makes La Mer different from Meraas’ other projects is its art. La Mer’s shops, cafes, and restaurants are all beautifully decorated with vivid art installments and colorful murals. It is no wonder that Dubai Canvas, an annual public art festival, will take place this year at La Mer from March 1st until March 7th.


Visitors looking for a day at the beach, an exceptional dining experience, or simply shoppers seeking out different concept stores, can all be accomodated in La Mer. The beachfront leisure complex is busy at all times, and so it has proven to be a perfect spot for the upcoming art festival rightfully titled Dubai Canvas, which aims to make the city of Dubai an open-air museum. The festival is organized by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Media Office of the Government of Dubai.


The festival returns as Dubai’s biggest 3D art festival for the fourth year. Dubai Canvas is a platform for artists from all around the world to showcase their art, and according to their website, “it brings together unique works from the world’s leading 3D artists, and also provides a platform for other innovative art forms.” The event will feature performances, different forms of artworks, and workshops for art lovers and Dubai residents to experience.


Many world-class artists, muralists, and creative individuals, like Karim Mesanovic, Muhra Falahin and Andreas von Chrzanowski, who come from different international and national backgrounds will take part in this year’s Dubai Canvas art festival in La Mer. Artists from Russia, Italy, Brazil, the Netherlands, and other countries will be showcasing their unique forms of art.


Dubai Canvas’ project manager, Aisha Bin Kalli, told Gulf News that they are “keen to expand the range of art forms displayed at the festival as part of our aim to give the public opportunities to engage with a wider variety of contemporary art and further enhance Dubai’s growing profile as a hub for art and creativity.”


Preparations for the festival are currently underway at La Mer, with blank canvases covering an area that has been shut off from cars in order for pedestrians and passersby to fully experience the art event. La Mer’s shops, restaurants, cafes, and other spots offer no shortage of art however. Murals and paintings cover the inside and outside of buildings in La Mer.


The focus on art is what attracts visitors to this leisure complex, “I think the artworks in La Mer help the surrounding area feel more modern and unique,” said Rashid Al Shehhi, an Emirati student at the American University in Dubai and a frequent visitor to La Mer. “The art adds to the character of the place by giving it more color and vibrancy,” he added.


Art lovers across the city are looking forward to this year’s art festival by Dubai Canvas, and some are especially excited that it’s taking place in La Mer. “La Mer is very vibrant and refreshing due to the art displayed, that’s why I love going there. It’s a great idea to have Dubai Canvas here,” said Maryam Al Mansoori, another student from the American University in Dubai and an avid art enthusiast. Don’t miss Dubai Canvas’ unique art festival at La Mer, starting March 1st, to see some of the world’s top artists’ work.


Photo collage by Reem Krimly.



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