Out With Grey’s Anatomy, in With Station 19

Actress Jaina Lee Ortiz is more formally introduced as Andy Herrera as she takes center stage in the latest Grey’s Anatomy crossover episode to give us a sneak peak of her lead role in Station 19, the latest series from both the creator of Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes’ and Grey’s executive producer/co-showrunner Stacy McKee. Premiering on March 22nd for a 2-hour episode, the storyline follows a group of first responders in a fire department as they lead their lives on and off the clock.


Rhimes moves the action just a few blocks down from Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for Grey’s Anatomy’s third spinoff, Station 19. Geographical similarities aside, Station 19 differs in the profession of the characters from the original series and second spinoff, Private Practice, which are both medical soap opera’s.


Still, being three blocks away has its benefits including potential crossovers between Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. In a poll consisting of 50 people who label themselves as “regular viewers of Grey’s anatomy”, 38 said that they will watch the spinoff just to wait for their favourite characters to appear.


TV show enthusiast and up-to-date viewer of Grey’s Anatomy, Nada Fawzy, said, “I’ve been a loyal viewer of Grey’s Anatomy for 6 years and have since become attached to its characters,” she said, “I’ll be watching Station 19 just to see if Meredith Grey appears,” she added.


Be it the action-packed profession or romance between co-workers, there is a high level of intrigue that comes from a workplace drama. This is exactly what we see in the crossover episode when Herrera sticks her arm into a bleeding kid and, in the trailer of Station 19,  when her father is shown to have suffered critical injuries, and also when Herrara is portrayed as being caught in the middle of a love triangle.


Christia Majdalani, a business major at the American University in Beirut, spoke about her experience when she scrolled onto the trailer on Twitter, “I haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy but I found the storyline of Station 19 dense, just by watching the trailer,” she said, “I’ll probably watch it just so I can see how Herrara handles the station after her father resigns,” she added.


Whilst Station 19 is made to stand on its own as you do not have to watch Grey’s Anatomy to watch it’s spinoff, some people are concerned that the events of the series are going to be too similar to that of the original. Yousef Ahmed, a junior engineer student and ex viewer of Grey’s Anatomy, said, “I stopped watching Grey’s because it was too repetitive,” as for his stance Station 19, “I feel like Station 19 will be more of the same thing,” he added.


Maybe in the process of putting out fires, Station 19 will ignite a flame in your heart, so don’t miss out on watching the first of 10 episodes on the 22nd of March. You can catch it on ABC in the States, and online on any of; gomovies, putlocker and 123movies elsewhere.


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