Pregnant Whale Dies With Loads of Plastics in Its Stomach: What We Need To Do

A twenty-six-foot-long pregnant Sperm Whale was found washed-up on a beach on the Italian island of Sardinia on March 28. The whale was not only pregnant with a calf, but had nearly fifty pounds of plastic waste in its stomach, said Italian NGO Seame Sardinia.

According to, “About 8 million metric tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean annually.” Yes, you read that correctly — 8 million tons.

The death of this whale is one of many beings that have lost their lives due to the consumption of plastic waste, but if each one of us begins to take initiatives, our oceans’ waters will not have to be polluted with tons of plastic.

Earth day is coming up on April 22, so try to give back to mother nature, and join the challenge of being plastic-free during that month. Who knows, maybe you can be plastic-free for the rest of the 11 months of the year as well. I’m sure you’re wondering how that’s even possible. Plastic has become an essential aspect of everyday life, but sacrificing a little today, for the earth’s tomorrow seems pretty fair — and the MBRSC Post is here to help you through this #PlasticFreeMonth.

  1. Educate yourself about how much plastic is affecting our oceans, environments and ecosystems as a whole.
  2. Next time you go to the grocery store, make sure you have your own bag to carry your groceries, rather than use the plastic bags provided at the supermarkets.
  3. Buy reusable water bottles and coffee cups, rather than plastic bottles that are going to be thrown away.
  4. Leave plastic straws in the past — using a reusable straw or just going straw-less makes the biggest difference.

It will take time to adjust to this way of life, but you eventually will. You might assume that the usage of plastic is not that big of a deal, and will not make a difference, but if everybody has that same mentality, our environment’s conditions will degrade even further. According to Ellen Macarthur Foundation, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than there are fish (by weight).

Don’t let another mother and baby whale die at the expense of substituting plastic for another eco-friendly material — we have already lost so many species.

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Sufanah Hammad

1 thought on “Pregnant Whale Dies With Loads of Plastics in Its Stomach: What We Need To Do

  1. It is so sad to kill all this creatures by the human hands , I love your subject and from now on we will be with you , we have to reduce using plastic in our life for helping whales and beautiful nature balance to return back ..
    Thank you it was very effective to read this

    Mervat Othman

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