Emirati Photographer Celebrates the Strength of Nepali Women

Emirati amateur photographer, Mona Al Tamimi, gave tribute to Nepali women with her photo project titled “The Sacrifice of a Woman,” showcased at Sikka Art Fair last month, in Bur Dubai.

Al Tamimi, who is also a traveller, went to Nepal on an adventurous quest and ended up stumbling upon a community of women who develop their own societies in a village names Bungmati.

Emirati photographer Mona Al Tamimi, March 2019 Photo: Hauwa Buhari-Abdullahi

The women build their own houses, and farm their own food. Tamimi was, reportedly, instantly inspired to bring these women to the rest of the world through photography.

The Emirati photographer described each picture of the collection as having two sides; the light and the dark.

“The dark side shows the struggle, it shows the hard work and the sacrifice of women… she’s still smiling, there’s hope inside of her even in the kind of conditions they work in,” Al Tamimi told the MBRSC Post. The lighter part on the other hand, is the bright side of a woman which is represented by “care, the love of family, motherhood and affection,” Al Tamimi adds.

Al Tamimi uses photographs to tell a story and highlight the importance of women in the society. “I’m very happy to see women finally being represented as the strong beings that they are. It’s amazing to see that these women are actually building societies by themselves- brick by brick,” Maryam Inuwa, a blogger, told the MBRSC Post.

Mona Al Tamimi continues to use travel and photography to capture, and spread messages to the world. Her full-time job as Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at property developer, Deyaar, requires extensive travel, which fits perfectly into her passion.

The Sikka Art Fair is a yearly, Dubai Culture flagship event that brings together emerging regional artists, who were asked to gear their work towards “An Open Window to Art and Tolerance” this year, in honor of the Year of Tolerance initiative, according to the Dubai Culture website.

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