Stay Hydrated!

The human body needs to be made of approximately 60% of water in order to be healthy. Consuming Water on a daily basis is essential, especially now that summer is on its way, and the weather is getting hotter here in Dubai. Along with energy, water helps maintain our body circulation regulated everyday. H2O helps us to survive, and without it we die gradually. Unexpectedly, one could die from diseases caused by the lack of water.

Water should be at the top of our every day’s to-do-list to avoid what is known as “dehydration”. AUD nurse, Susana Fontanilla, says: “dehydration indicates the lack of water in the body, and it could be serious if not taken into real consideration.”

Dehydration is often seen as a simple process that our bodies can go through with time and age, but, sadly, it could be life-threatening at any age. Our bodies alert us of dehydration through symptoms that appear internally and externally. The following warnings indicate dehydration and are not to be ignored:


–               Fatigue

–               Headache

–               Little and dark urine

–               Dry skin

–               Dizziness


Obviously, drinking the right amount of water everyday solves the issue. AUD nurse, Elinor Katrina, mentioned, “to treat or avoid dehydration, one should eliminate eating food that causes dryness such as fast food, coffee, and excess vitamin A foods. He/she should keep water in their everyday diets along with juices.”

Generally, water is the key to a well-functioned body. Its advantages could not be counted as it sustains everything the human body needs. Water provides benefits that many people are not aware of such as:

  • Weight loss

  • Muscle efficiency

  • Energy

  • Balancing mood

  • Temperature control

  • Moist joints

On a schedule, two cups of water should be consumed when awake before eating, a cup before every meal, and a cup before sleep. A total of nearly 8 cups a day is required in order to maintain hydration for the body and to keep it at its top health. So, drink water regularly and always be aware of the messages that your body is trying to deliver!



Illustration by Yasmin Mohamed

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