Summer: Courses in Ramadan?

With the Spring 2018 semester coming to an end, AUD students are planning vacations, looking forward to their long-awaited time off, and of course, getting ready for the holy month of Ramadan.


On the other hand, other students are dreading taking summer courses in the scorching heat of Dubai during AUD’s first summer session that begins only two days before the Islamic fasting period. With the entirety of the holy month lasting throughout the first Summer session this year, as well as the blazing hot weather, there has been quite a significant drop in the number of students registering this year.

“It is essential for students to enroll in courses during summer terms, although in most of the cases it’s not required by their course sequence.” Said head of the registrar at AUD, Matilda Jabbour. “That is to allow them to catch-up on their degree requirement and stay in sequence for the following year, that applies for the students who fail a course or didn’t register for a full load during the normal semesters. Moreover, it can help students to expedite their graduation date and complete their degree requirement in less than the required 4 or 5 years.”

With these reasons in mind, it is important for students to take their responsibilities into consideration, but many, particularly the Muslim students, are refusing to take summer courses this year despite their importance. “I usually wouldn’t mind taking summer courses,” says DPST transfer student Elham Odhabi, who is falling behind on her courses. “But it is impossible for me to study during Ramadan… It’s way too tiring”.

Despite the heat and requirement of the Islamic fasting period, there are still some students that are taking part in AUD’s first Summer session for the reasons given by Jabbour. “It does bother me that I have to fast, especially considering the weather conditions in the UAE at that time of year,” says electrical engineering student Yousef Amir. “But I have to take summer courses in order for me to graduate in four years”.


Ramadan is not the only reason students do not want to register for summer courses this year. “I just feel like doing an internship is more productive,” says MBRSC student Kritstin Shoghmonyan. “Why would I put myself under the same pressure that I have been under this entire year, but with the heat and longer class periods?” She asks.

Fortunately for those not registering for the first summer course due to the fact that it takes place during Ramadan, AUD offers two summer sessions: one that starts on May 13th, and ends on June 28th, and another one that starts on July 2nd, and ends on August 16th, giving students the opportunity to catch up with their courses, take up some electives, and have a productive summer.

Whether you are taking some time off, gaining experience in an internship, traveling, or taking summer courses, it is key to remember to enjoy yourself. It is Summer after all!


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Photo and Video Credits: Omaya Bader

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