The AUD Career Fair is Back With More Diversity

The AUD Career Fair, held this week in the E-building’s Rotunda, is back with a wider array of companies for every major.

A challenge from previous Career Fairs was the lack of diversity in companies, and opportunities for the variety of majors in the university- with the business major being primarily catered to. Students have responded positively to this year’s change, and accomodation to the array of majors.

“This years concept is way better, since last year there weren’t that many diverse companies. For my major, I couldn’t find any opportunity, so maybe this year by having different companies each day, it will be better,” Sandy Boutros, a junior Architecture student, said to the MBRSC Post.

Another challenge from previous years is that companies would participate in the career fair with their only objective being marketing, although this has been solved.

“[It is] mandatory for [the companies] to be recruiting, otherwise they were not allowed to come in for just the sole purpose of marketing their company,” said Cynthia Samaha, Career Services Coordinator at AUD.

Not only did recruiters offer internships, and full-time opportunities for undergraduate and post-graduate students, but many companies, including household names like Bosch Middle East and Citibank, hosted workshops, CV clinics, and mock interviews.

Career Hunt is also bringing international opportunities that allow students to branch out of the UAE. AIESEC, which is a non-profit organization run by youth for youth, was present on the first day of the week.

AIESEC offers “exchange opportunities to young students between ages 18-30 years old looking to have a life-changing experience while they work abroad, including 124 countries,” Mehdi Sherif, the National Director of AIESEC in the UAE, said to the MBRSC Post .

AUD Career Hunt is an event that aims to connect students with employers for potential opportunities, and will be back in the next academic year.

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