The Shift Towards Healthy Eateries in Dubai

Recently, Dubai residents have seen a shift in restaurant offerings around the city. Healthy options have become more readily available in Dubai’s eateries.


Dubai joins other cities in the advocacy of healthy eating and nutritious lifestyle and diet choices, such as vegan, plant-based, organic, non-GMO, all-natural foods, and the like. Some people have specific diet restrictions they need to adhere to, and others simply enjoy having a healthier choice.


Nevertheless, catering to different diet choices and providing people with healthier eating alternatives is a step in the right direction for Dubai.


While most restaurants still offer fried, unhealthy, junk food options, a number of eateries and cafes have popped up across Dubai in order to pioneer the shift towards healthier eating. Al Serkal Avenue, a hub for arts and creativity, hosts a number of these eateries, such as; Wild & the Moon, Hapi, and Appetite, which offer plant-based, organic, vegan, non-dairy, all-natural dining options. The following video highlights the best food these places offer.



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Many people enjoy eating out rather than eating at home, or have work and school schedules that don’t allow them to spend as much time at home. Therefore, having the option of dining out and monitoring a healthy, nutritious intake is ideal. Especially since more and more people are looking into healthier food options, with many taking part in the #eatclean trend on Instagram where users share pictures of their healthy meals.


“I’m always on the go. I don’t have time to go home and cook for myself,” said Hind Janahi, an AUD business student who prefers to eat out, without having to feel guilty about it. “That’s why I love eating out at healthy restaurants.”


“Eating healthy meals makes you feel good and light, unlike when you eat junk food which leaves you bloated,” said Mohammed Al Fattan, an AUD student and healthy eating advocate. “I also really like the quiet and friendly ambience of healthy eateries, they’re not as packed and noisy as other restaurants,” he added.


Some restaurants offer a full menu of healthy eating options, but others offer a smaller section as part of their larger menu. Having a variety of foods and options is essential in order to cater to the vast majority of people as well as those that may have food allergies or diet restrictions. Ideally, all restaurants should aim to include vegan and other dietary-friendly dishes as part of their menus.


“I am lactose intolerant, and I love coffee,” said Sarah Al Noor, an AUD graduate. “I always struggle in coffee shops because only a few of them offer lactose-free milk, which is my preference, as opposed to soy or almond milk as I don’t like the way they taste. Recently however, I’ve found more cafes offering lactose-free milk, and it makes me so happy!” she added.


Variations of healthy eateries are now fortunately available in Dubai. Healthy eating is on the rise, especially among the youth who identify the dangers of eating junk food and unhealthy food options. It is important for restaurants and cafes to offer healthier options and adhere to some people’s specific dietary needs and preferences, in order to promote healthy living.


Photo and Video Credits: Reem Krimly

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