The Story of an African Cleaner in Dubai

The American University in Dubai campus has people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, and professions, and along with such great diversity, comes a variety of interesting personal stories. This multimedia series is created to tell the stories behind the many faces that make up the AUD family. It is a space where familiar faces become known on a deeper level. Learning about the stories of those who surround you on a daily basis, creates a greater form of understanding and tolerance in a community.

We were particularly interested to know why all these people decided to come to Dubai, learn about the obstacles they encountered in their life and if tomorrow they could go back to their homelands, would they?

The hero of our third short podcast and photo essay is Annet Nabbosa, one of the cleaners at AUD. Through a couple of photographs, you will get to see some parts of her daily routine on campus when she is responsible for the EMBA building. You will also learn how she ended up becoming a part of AUD and why she needs to stay.

Annet Nabbosa standing in EMBA building at the American University in Dubai, wiping the windows. When Nabbosa first came to AUD, the reason was to do further studies; however, she turned to cleaning. AUD, 25 February 2020. Farah Mohamed.
Nabbosa’s father passing on marks the turning point of her life as she became one of the cleaners at AUD. In addition to loosing a loved one and having financial issues, she turned to cleaning to fix her visa situation in the country. As she is standing on the stairs of the EMBA building and cleaning them, her responsibilities on campus become clearer. AUD, 25 February 2020. Farah Mohamed.
Nabbosa changes the toilet paper and does so much more in order to earn a living that she can use to support her mother and siblings. AUD, 25 February 2020. Farah Mohamed.
Nabbosa is placing the caution sign to warn the people that the floor is wet. She helps us in multiple ways as she is happy to be a part of our community. “There are so many loving people at AUD, they make life better,” she said. AUD, 25 February 2020. Farah Mohamed.
“Home is the best,” states Annet Nabbosa. She continues to explain that although she loves her country so much, she does not want to go back home as she shoulders all the responsibility for her family. AUD, 25 February 2020. Farah Mohamed.

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