“YouTube Space” Hosts the Special Olympics Team

YouTube headquarters in Dubai hosted the “Special Olympics” team, in cooperation with the U.A.E. Ministry of Youth. The event aimed to connect creators at Google’s YouTube with Olympic athletes interested in producing content to inform the general public about the Special Olympics.

The event was presented by content creator, Zainab Eleqabi, whose left leg is amputated. She has defied her disability by completing her education in Europe, and sharing her story and difficulties on YouTube.

The first speaker was ((FIRST NAME?)) Khattab, Communications and Interactions Manager for the Special Olympics. She invited all the attendees to participate in the February 27 marathon race which will bring the Olympic Torch for the first time to the U.A.E.

The second session was set around the Olympic athletes, who were invited on stage to share the stories of their journeys, and to gain insight into the U.A.E. Special Olympics and the World Games in Abu Dhabi 2019.

The third session was a panel of four YouTube content creators: Noor Stars, Lowi Sahi, Zainab Eleqabi, and Rand Dalati. They discussed how content creators can raise awareness about the Special Olympics through their viewers. The panel discussion concluded with a photo session with the content creators, the supervisors, and the Olympic athletes.


To strengthen the relationship between the content creators and the athletes, games like golf, virtual video games, gymnastics, and table tennis were set up at the YouTube Headquarters. These games played a major role in showing and informing content creators about the skills these athletes possess.

After the games, each content creator teamed up with a group of sports experts and enthusiasts to coordinate plans and ideas that YouTube content creators could use to spread the values of solidarity and encouragement with the Olympic athletes.

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